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Business Process Analysis

  • Business Process Maturity Analysis
  • Business Performance and Productivity Assessment
  • Business Process Review & Gap Analysis
  • Business Process Requirements Analysis
  • Business Process Capability Analysis

Business Process Operations Management

  • Operations Strategy Alignment
  • Operations Process Standards Development
  • Operations Forecasting & Planning
  • Operations Resource and Continuity Planning
  • Operations Performance and Productivity Monitoring Plan
  • Operations CAPA Planning and Followup
  • Operations KPI Reporting and Business Strategy Scorecard

Business Process Improvement

  • Process Improvement Mentoring
  • Process Improvement Selection & Prioritization Training
  • Process Improvement Selection & Prioritization
  • Process Improvement Team Training
  • Process Improvement Champion Training
  • Process Improvement/ Redesign Project Driver

Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Training

  • LSS Overview
  • LSS Sponsorship
  • LSS Yellow Belt (Basic)
  • LSS Green Belt (Intermediate)
  • LSS Black Belt (Advanced)

Change Management Training

  • Change Manager
  • Sponsoring Change
  • Managing Change with your Team
  • Change for Employees